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A Proven Solution to Your Commercial Real Estate Success

We are an efficient commercial real estate brokerage specializing in investment properties, land brokerage and commercial leasing services established in 2001.

Actively performing in Colorado’s commercial real estate market for more than 20 years, we’ve grown to offer a wide range of services, including Seller / Landlord Representation, Buyer / Tenant Representation, Investment Property Analysis and Commercial Real Estate Consultation.  Our experience has helped us establish a reputation for excellence.  By combining the best business practices with the ability to navigate complicated transactions across multiple jurisdictions, we offer the highest quality service – supported by extensive and successful experience.

We define our success by your success. The Trevey team takes a personalized approach to each assignment. Our clients are our priority, not just a number. No matter how big or small the property or project, we are ready to be an indispensable part of your success.

Seller / Landlord Representation

  • Learn the goals and priorities of the Client for their Property through effective consultation
  • Analyze the Property, provide specific recommendations and launch the marketing program
  • Successfully negotiate Sales and Leases with qualified Buyers and Tenants
  • Deliver on expectations for the Client, complete the assignment and stand ready for more
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Buyer / Tenant Representation

  • Identify specific needs for the building or desired facility based on client’s business
  • Locate possible sites within the targeted market area and negotiate offers / contract
  • Assist with the design and approval of the planned project through to occupation
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Investment Property Analysis

  • Profile preferred product type, identify suitable opportunities and present offers
  • Negotiate contracts, conduct inspection and diligence, then close the transaction
  • Assist through Closing and remain engaged with leasing of spaces in the Property
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  • Fully define the needs and goals of the Commercial Real Estate client
  • Identify the role for Trevey Commercial: Buy or Lease, Sell, Invest or Develop
  • Deliver results and fulfill expectations for a solid and lasting relationship
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